Welcome to a Bombayworks Carnival

Rio Carnival is the greatest show on earth. As Swedish inhabitants, we are not really spoiled with such colourful festings. But since we have just started to see the light of spring after a long and grey winter, we want to celebrate that with you. Please RSVP for yourself and a colleague or friend.

Together with our other clients and friends, enjoy:

Colourful evening

Awesome food

Rio feeling

Nice surprises

Inviting atmosphere

Various free drinks

A great chance to dance

Lots of friendliness

Date: April 25th

Time: 17.00 and onwards

Location: Stora Varvsgatan 11, Malmö

Please RSVP for yourself and a colleague or friend by April 15th to ensure we have plenty of treats and entertainment for everyone.

Veronica von Feilitzen

Kontakta Veronica

Vill du veta mer om hur vi arbetar? Kontakta Veronica von Feilitzen, CEO, för att ta reda på hur vi kan hjälpa er er digitala resa.

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Anna Frössén

Kontakta Anna

Har du frågor om oss, digital tillväxt eller vill du bolla digitala utmaningar du står inför just nu? Kontakta Anna Frössén, Head of sales.

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